Tripo – A spatial narrative delivered through an imaginary medium

Tin cans, electronic modules, RFID tags, mixed materials
In collaboration with Tiago Martins
with music by Claudio Pina

Tripo from Vesela Mihaylova on Vimeo.

Every house remembers stories. It remembers the steps of children growing up, parents coming home, and even ghosts wandering around. It remembers the scurrying of small mice, the purring of playful cats and the barking of excited dogs. It remembers the melody of the rain pouring on the roof and the sudden wind in a silent night.

Every house can tell you about a broken heart, passionate love, a loss of a beloved one. All these memories are stored in the walls. They silently listen and collect it all.

Tripo is an audible connection to bygone times, a hotline to the past, a medium which connects you to memories hidden in the walls. Tripo populates an empty, destitute space with an immersive and intimate experience. Evoking a design based on media archaeology and the imaginarium of childhood, it prompts the participant to experience new perspectives on the meaning of the physical space itself.

A set of three short and interconnected narratives are delivered through an imaginary device inspired by the tin can radio. Participants are led on the exploration of an indoor space, to find hotspots where the device can be used. At each of the hotspots participants may use the device in order to listen to pieces of three different stories which evolve and intersect throughout the location, as if they were memories of the space itself.