Linzer Torten Diagramm

9 Cakes, generated from statistical data
Collaboration with Veronika Krenn/Taste of Data

The “Linzer Torte” is considered the oldest known cake in the world, it was already mentioned in year 1653 [1]. Who named or invented the cake remains a mystery, still the city touristic guides of the capital of Upper Austria – Linz, embraced it as one of the most important city’s sights.

In 2011 the local government released statistical data about the city and opened it in public domain. According to the mayor of Linz, Austria, the city is becoming every year a better place to live. Nevertheless the world economical crisis, in the capital of Upper Austria the development of the city is booming with having move green arias, modern flat buildings and reaching records in new born babies [2].

We decided to find out about the development of the city for the last years. We wanted to see if Linz is a good place to be if you are a woman, according to the statistics. Takin a female approach we baked nine Linzer Torten out of the data from the nine years between 2003 and 2011. The base ingredients of the cake are calculated out of how many people came to live in Linz, what was the unemployment rate for the last years, how many new residence buildings were constructed and what is the difference of the death and birth rate. Through this data the main condiments of the cake like sugar, almonds, flour and marmalade were calculated.

Linzer Torten Diagramm

[2] Lebendiges Linz -Linz Stadtsmagazin, Stadtkommunikation Linz, Маrch 2013