First Aid Kit

Various objects

Ukradená Galerie, Linz

Artistic activity strives to achieve modest connections, open unobstructed passages, and to connect levels of reality kept apart one from another.[1]

The First Aid Kit contains useful items, which are meant to be taken when one is in need. They are not the typical First Aid Kit objects, their aim is to comfort, bring sense of wonder and remedy our mundane connection to the city.

After two days:

After one week:

Originally intended to take place in a squat in Cesky Krumlov to celebrate an artistically expressed and subversive riot, Ukradená Galerie was given its name, which literally means “stolen gallery”. Everybody is invited to participate socio-culturally in urban space which expands the ways to express art.

[1] Bourriaud, Nicolas. Relational Aesthetics. Paris: Presses du réel, 2002