Data Slicer / Kinsey-Report

3 banana cutters, statistical data

With Veronika Krenn/Taste of Data

Data Slicer – Kinsey Report embeds statistics on sexual behavior of men in a kitchen tool, as a continuation of the Data Slicer – Fruitfulness project, which focus on female fertility data.

Since early times the banana are considered as a symbol for the male sexual organ and male sexuality. Corresponding to the Kinsey Report statistics, the slicers cut the bananas in pieces accordingly to number of extramarital sexual partners from males, duration of foreplay in marriages and the sources of first ejaculation for males.

Data Slicer

The Kinsey Reports started in 1948 as a landmark sexuality research project by Alfred Kinsey, a pioneer in the research field of human’s sexual behavior, and his works, among other reasons, also led to the sexual revolution in the 60s. In face-to-face interviews Kinsey’s team selected data from 5200 males and 5940 females, with a majority of participants with college education.

Data Slicer

Used Statistics from the Kinsey-Report:

1. Number of extramarital sexual Partners from males (not counting prostitutes):

reported none: 71,6%
reported 1-3 partners: 16,7%
reported 4-6 partners: 5,7%
reported 7 or more: 6%

2. Duration of foreplay in marriages:

foreplay lasted 3 min: 11%
foreplay lasted 4-10 min: 36%
foreplay lasted 11-20 min: 31%
foreplay lasted more than 30min: 22%

3. Sources of first ejaculation for males:

masturbation: 68%
nocturnal emission: 13,11%
coitus: 12,53%
homosexual contact: 4,36%
other sources: 2%